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Eduardo Ragasol
Eduardo Ragasol, CEO

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“Our main competitive advantage is the ability to connect diverse ERPs, govern the great diversity of data and formats to provide simple supply chain management systems at very competitive costs.”

With more than 30 years of corporate experience in the General Management of Nielsen in Mexico and Brazil and the Presidency of Mercer in Latin America, Eduardo Ragasol accepted the invitation from the founder of NeoGrid (Miguel Abuhab) to lead this company and guide it to a new level. Neogrid is a company with a global presence whose mission is to synchronize the flow of inventories to the rhythm of consumption, making intelligent connections between the fundamental actors of the value chain: manufacturer, retailer, distributor, and their consumers. Eduardo’s professional experience as an expert in this ecosystem allows him to add high value to the present and future of the company.

Neogrid solves a fundamental problem: avoiding product out-of-stock while maintaining optimal inventory level, significantly improving sales and financial performance. Sales increase as product availability increases; working capital increases as inventory decreases.

Neogrid technology is based on three principles:

  • Efficient and daily connection of the ERP systems of retailers, distributors, and retailers. By daily sharing inventories and sales, applying AI algorithms, shortages are anticipated, and the operations of the supply chain nodes are aligned.
  • Control and data management: connecting ERPs does not only imply aligning protocols. It is essential to create disciplined and robust data governance to ensure consistency in decision-making.
  • Enable the action: the processing and algorithms must be connected to the end-user with business rules that guarantee automatic and intelligent execution. An effective effort at the SKU / Store level to avoid out-of-stock or excess inventory every day.

The company’s philosophy of integrating new businesses is based on guaranteeing the value of the assets (Product, Technology, Business Model, Clients, and especially Human Talent) of the company that joins their family is preserved and maximized. “We have Guidelines and Integration Processes oriented for this. We want to maximize and enhance the value of businesses that add to and complement the company’s assets,” says Eduardo. “We provide a solid administrative, technological, commercial and reputational platform. We are also very careful to select the type of company to integrate. The integration has to create value for the clients and hence for the investors of both companies.”

According to Eduardo, their clients, particularly Manufacturers and Retailers, want to offer their capacity to create efficiency in the most important countries of the region: Mexico, Colombia, and Chile as priorities. “Our main competitive advantage is the ability to connect diverse ERPs, govern the great diversity of data and formats to provide simple supply chain management systems at very competitive costs. Simplicity in service of efficiency.”

Eduardo says that with the advent of Covid-19, consumer behavior changed dramatically and forever after the onset of the global pandemic. The decisions of how much, where, and how to buy changed radically. Supply chains had to adapt at high speed. Neogrid’s positioning was particularly well suited for its philosophy of focus on consumer behavior. “The actual daily consumption is the main vector of our synchronization systems. By reacting quickly and flexibly, the company’s customers always had the ability to act regardless of abrupt behavior changes,” he explains. “We have seen a shift occur where e-commerce has moved to the front of the line of our consumer outlets. Neogrid prepared itself for this type of change to keep up with the global cultural shift of consumerism.

For the days to come, the company is working hard to invest in the most modern technologies to exploit information: cloud platforms, AI and Data-Science and actively adding the potential of Block-Chain to their arsenal of solutions. “We offer careers full of technical and value creation challenges to clients. Always within a modern, flexible, intense and dynamic environment. Attached to values ​​and purposes that transcend our environment. The purpose of Neogrid is a synchronous world, therefore efficient and without waste,” adds Eduardo. “Mexico, like the world, is going through times of enormous challenges. The ability to adapt quickly, the objective recognition of strengths and weaknesses, acting emphatically based on facts. Flexible and inspiring leadership has never been so important to business success Using the best technology is a factor that enables that action.”